Published January 27th, 2017 @ 3:51 pm EST by Paul

Surprise Soft Launch!

Some of you may have noticed that things around here are not exactly what we’d like them to be.  But there’s a reason for that.

The other day, us boys at PW found ourselves with some unexpected free time, and of course, our first thought was ‘let’s do as many Escape Rooms as we can!’  (Editor: Point of Fact, that was Paul’s first thought; Michael was about four hours away from having a flight to catch.)

Only the night before, we learned about Dare 2 Escape the Game and regretted that there wasn’t enough time to stop in before Michael left town.  As opportunity knocked, we tried booking The Ring Master, selecting it solely because of the uniqueness of the theme, but the scheduling app seemed as though the room only opened on the weekends.  Hoping to book their other two rooms back-to-back and running out of time, we called directly.  It turned out that The Ring Master was just beginning its three-day Beta test before opening to the public tomorrow morning, literally about fourteen hours from this writing.  We booked the two open rooms (reviews pending) and headed down hoping to maybe get to take a quick peek inside the test room just to have seen it.

Some time later, after falling in love with D2E’s entire philosophy, we ran into the owners; we could tell because of the panic in their eyes.  (Editor: Point of Fact; having earlier spoken on the phone, one of the owners made it a point of introducing himself.)  Roughly twenty minutes of chatting later, in a shameless display of what had become genuine fanboy adoration, we somehow-or-other happened on the topic of the future plans to launch (Editor: Paul, again.)

hanging keysAfter seeing how Paul had his little heart set on somehow helping/honoring D2E’s approach to experience crafting by making their newest room the launch edition review by PW in time to help promote The Ring Master’s debut, (Editor: T-13:30 hours.) the owner, at last, figured out the secret words that could make Paul get out of their conversation and into our second room of the night: “I’ll see what I can do.”

A solid escape from The Asylum, a rebooked plane ticket and eight hours of chatting later, Partly Wicked became the first members of press or public to become Beta testers of Dare 2 Escape’s The Ring Master.  It’s our first ever Review!

None of the PW staff have slept yet; we’ve been too busy condensing our 45-day pre-launch schedule into the past 30-somewhat hours and executing same.  They say you can’t squeeze a three-week Digital Media class into 2.5 hours but we must not have heard them over all the carnival music.  And the screaming …

New company motto: “If it’s not what we wanted, blame Paul.”  (Editor: not a literal or legally binding statement.)


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