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2017 Room of the Year: The Man from Beyond

If we could do one room over again for the first time, it would be this one.

TEASER: “Sherlock Studies”

We got a chance to Beta Test “Sherlock Studies”, an upcoming room from The Escape Effect. Surprisingly, we have committed to a level of secrecy we’re not used to. I hope it’s okay that I admitted that. We signed things… but we… is it okay for me to say I strongly recommend “Sherlock Studies”? I’m […]

NEWS: A new venue might have the hardest room in Orlando, FL ; We welcome The Escape Effect

With Michael out of town, Paul spots new prey. But why is this new room 90 minutes long?

NEWS: Find Escape Rooms near you with the new Escape Route App

Is America ready for a centralized database of Escape Rooms? A new App says “Yes!”

NEWS: A new venue is coming to Winter Park, FL; We welcome A Narrow Escape!

When a new venue begins construction in their own back yard, the boys were determined to get the scoop.

NEWS: Strange Bird Immersive celebrates the 100th performance of The Man From Beyond!

It’s always great to hear about the well-deserved success of friends.

Surprise Soft Launch!

Kindness of Strangers sends staff scrambling in the wake of well-intentioned Man-Child

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