Published May 9th, 2017 @ 1:52 am EDT by Paul

REVIEW: The Lab of Dr. Lev Pasted by LogiQuit (Las Angeles, CA)

2/5 Claws

Challenge: 4.5
Awe: 3
Care: 1.5
Theme: 5
Team: 3.5
Signature Color: Grey


“This is the part where my head explodes… a crucial key was ingeniously hidden–behind the sticker that says “Don’t Touch – Not Part of the Game.”  I’m not sure there shouldn’t be some kind of ‘deal breaker’ which triggers a Partly Wicked policy of politely but immediately leaving the room.  The thing is, other than this, I can’t imagine what that would be, I mean, as long as they’re upfront with the players about any risks, it should be anything goes.  But I shall try to get over this… here’s the spoiler, and I really don’t like having to do this: there’s a digit hidden behind a loose panel in the wiring, near the floor. You’ll know how to find it because there will be one of those red and white ‘This isn’t part of the game and could kill you so please don’t touch it’ stickers.”


“A completely sloppy and half-assed attempt at an escape room, The Lab of Dr. Lev Pasted was an absolute waste of time.  It caused the Partly Wicked team to have several long discussions about when ‘does a room void its opportunity to be reviewed?’  We’ve currently settled on ‘people should know, so we’re going to tell them.

I share Michael’s frustration with that ridiculous sticker.  But my bigger problem is with the Chemistry Blocks puzzle in Act II.  The writing on the blocks was illegible, pointlessly locked inside a box that forced the player to manipulate them via use of awkward and needlessly clumsy rubber gloves as if they were playing with the Boy in the Bubble [Editor: this is a well-tested device in escape rooms when done properly, called a Glove Box].  I don’t really have a problem with Glove Boxes in general, but this one was terrible and prevented me from seeing even how many blocks needed to be used to get the required information.  Once I did find all the information, there was no way to synthesize it into a solution.  When I asked the moderator how one was to have arrived at the solution during the walk through he couldn’t even tell me.  His only response was ‘yeah, the designer is Austrian; it doesn’t make sense to me either.’  This isn’t ‘difficult’ this is literally unsolvable.  Like all frustrating cash-grabs, it earns the signature color of Grey.

Do yourself a favor and just pick a different room to do; I recommend their Wherehouse if you want to visit this particular venue.”

6051 Hollywood Blvd Suite 203
LA, CA 90028

(323) 541-2227

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