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Review by Michael and Chat-GPT   This review is co-written by Chat-GPT because I (Michael) was having trouble translating my reaction to this room into an even-handed and succinct review. I gave my opinions to Chat-GPT and asked it to clarify them for me. This isn’t something I would normally do, it’s not even something […]

Mystery at Innsmouth

Type: Tech . Awe: 8/10 . Care: 8/10 . Challenge: 8/10 . Teamwork: 5/10 . Theme: 7/10   “You could take that old bus, I suppose… but… it goes through Innsmouth… and so the people don’t like it. Wonder it keeps running at all. I s’pose it’s cheap enough, but I never see mor’n two […]

Evil Dead

  Hourglass Escape Rooms 3131 Western Ave #422B (206) 718-3705 Type: Giddy     Awe: 7/10     Care: 7/10     Challenge: 6/10     Teamwork: 4/10      Theme: 5/10 This well-regarded escape room from Seattle’s Hourglass venue really does look like Evil Dead. It doesn’t feel as much like Evil Dead as it could, but traces of the film’s blend of horror […]


Locurio – 19 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103 – (206) 371-2835 Type: Environmental     Awe: 6/10     Care: 9/10     Challenge: 3/10     Teamwork: 5/10     Theme: 4/10 This newer offering from Locurio is one of the most highly regarded escape rooms in Seattle. My experience with it was negative. Your mileage may vary. The experience starts out with […]

Vanishing Act

Locurio – 19 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103 – (206) 371-2835 Type: Technical   Awe: 6/10     Care: 9/10     Challenge: 7/10     Teamwork: 7/10     Theme: 7/10 One of the older rooms at Locurio, Vanishing Act has a familiar storyline, presented in a familiar way (especially if you remember Madeline Khan’s dialogue from Clue). WADSWORTH: Your husband disappeared. […]

Rain Check: Seattle’s Escape Room Scene

Every escape room inherently prompts two questions. The first is “Why are the players here?”  Our website offers a color-coded breakdown of room types, each correlating to a specific reason players find themselves in the escape room. These eight categories each represent a different appeal of the game, providing a broad spectrum of motivations beyond […]

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