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REVIEW: The Collector by Lockbusters Escape Game (Orlando, FL)

This cereal killer should have become a pirate.

REVIEW: Pirate Adventure by Lockbusters Escape Game (Orlando, FL)

Orlando’s newest escape venue is easily off to an Awe stuffed start.

REVIEW: Face Off by America’s Escape Game (Orlando, FL)

The only Player-vs-Player escape room in town may soon be closing (and we can see why)!

RATINGS GUIDE: What is “Awe”?

The part you always notice when it’s missing.

Signature Color Series: Yellow is for Bright!

In our ongoing Signature Color Series, Paul describes the sunniest and most divisive of rooms.

REVIEW: Witchcraft by Escape Hotel Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)

A spooky find in the heart of LA causes some disagreement.

REVIEW: Fear by Escape Kemah (Kemah, TX)

We found an awesome room based on the Saw movies just outside of Houston.

REVIEW: The Lazarus Crystal by Enigma H.Q. (San Diego, CA)

The boys get to work in this mystical office.

REVIEW: The Lab of Dr. Lev Pasted by LogiQuit (Las Angeles, CA)

We found the cheapest escape room in town, and boy, did it show.

REVIEW: Haunted Recording Studio by Escape Room Gamez (Los Angeles, CA)

A fool and his money were soon parted by an escape room as creative as its name.

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