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Ghost Patrol (San Francisco / Emeryville)

  Room Type: Tech (Sci-Fi)     Rating: 5 / 5     Review by Michael Merriam The sole offering of Emeryville’s “Trivium” venue deserves its many awards, and the room’s name is only slightly misleading (it’s not a special division of a government force, it’s fortunately more literal and silly and fun than that). […]

REVIEW: ESCAPE ARTIST at The Great Escape Room (Orlando, FL)

Why bother? (Should that be The Great Escape Room’s motto?)

REVIEW: A Knight to Escape by The Escape Effect (Orlando, FL)

How much do we really want to listen to our teammates?

REVIEW: The Archive by Dare 2 Escape (Orlando, FL)

The boys learn a bit about pride and the downfall of not asking for help…

REVIEW: UFO’s Are Real by UFO Video (Gainesville, FL)

Conflicting opinions prove that the truth is out there…

Fair Use Rationale

Partly Wicked is a critique and commentary site, and a journalistic publication. Partly Wicked may occasionally use images and sections of artworks for which others hold a copyright, but which are part of the Escape Rooms about which we provide information. We do this in compliance with US law, as part of our commentary on […]

TEASER: “Sherlock Studies”

We got a chance to Beta Test “Sherlock Studies”, an upcoming room from The Escape Effect. Surprisingly, we have committed to a level of secrecy we’re not used to. I hope it’s okay that I admitted that. We signed things… but we… is it okay for me to say I strongly recommend “Sherlock Studies”? I’m […]

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